House of Curiosities 2015

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a castle, you better think twice!  Castle dwellers including Maleficent, Dracula, Henry VIII, those Hogwarts Wizards and the Wicked Witch let you in on the real secrets of being a haunted ghoul. The spooky performance through the first floor and basement of  Lyndhurst mansion let guests experience the spectacular gothic castle at night with eerie lighting and fabulous seasonal decorations (by Anthony Valbiro) in a way rarely seen. The  Disenchanted Castle was populated with these ghouls: Carol Eagen, Melinda O’Brien, Suzanne Ochs, Anne Rodgers Pearl, Laura Petrillo, Jim Petrillo, Jacqueline Anne Smith, Kate Gleeson Troiano, Richard Troiano and Howard Weintraub.