House of Curiosities 2016

Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities: Where Fairy Tales Get Grimm

M&M’s fourth year of offering “Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities,” an evening theatrical tour of Lyndhurst, Where Fairy Tales Get Grimm. A cast of odd fairy tale characters will take you through the lavishly decorated (by Anthony Valbiro) main floor and basement of Lyndhurst mansion. Guests will meet the Mad Hatter, Morgan the Sorceress, The Queen of Hearts, Rumpelstiltskin and others. Beware; fairy tales are not always what they seem! This is a 30 minute romp through Lyndhurst showcasing its beautiful seasonal decorations and mysterious lighting.  This appeals to adults and families, makes a great date night and is eerie, spooky and funny. Because it’s fully indoors, rain is never an issue. It’s appropriate for most children but parents should consider whether children under ten will be frightened by the low lighting in the mansion and the appearance of ghoulish characters. Costume wearing is encouraged!

The Cast of Ghouls includes: Kathy Files DiBiasi, Donna James, Kathleen Muldoon, Jacqueline Smith, Anne Rodgers Pearl, Bruce Pearl, Jim Petrillo, Kate and Richard Troiano